We Teach Children with Disabilities How to Read

Tailored Tutoring in the Following Areas:

Reading Comprehension

Inferencing, making logical predictions, perspective taking, identifying feelings, cause-and-effect, and story sequencing


Systematic, explicit and direct instruction in which rules, sounds, chunks, vowel teams, etc. are taught to mastery.

Decoding (reading)

An Orton-Gillingham based, phonics driven, intensive, individualized explicit and direct multi-sensory instruction that is individualized to your child's specific needs.


Our dysgraphia program teaches your child how to organize his/her thoughts on a topic, essay writing, grammar skills, vocabulary building and using technology such as speech-to-text and grammar-checking apps.  

Written Expression

Grammar, essay planning, expanding ideas, growth & maturity in writing, vocabulary building

Reading Rock Stars Program

Encourage your child to keep practicing their spelling, reading/encoding, and writing through a fun, hands-on project! 


The Basics

Cost: $65 per session

Minimum of 2 sessions per week required

Sessions last 50 minutes

Sessions take place at the Reading Therapy Center

Initial intake session: $150; 90 minutes

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